Ice pops. Traditionally paletas are water or dairy based and can be found
everywhere in Mexico. Ours are inspired by local ingredients and classic mexican flavors. 
Selections rotate based on availability.

Coconut milk, milk, cream, coconut flakes, candied cacao nibs

Avocado, cajeta, freeze dried raspberries

sponge cake, sweetened condensed milk, cream, coconut milk

Hibisicus Tea, Chili powder   (Also available with Mezcal)

Oialla chocolate, Lakrids, cacao nibs

Side options

We serve traditional mexican sidedishes, chips and salsa,
quesadillas and pickles

Gooseberry salsa

Gooseberry,  avocado, onion, coriander, jalapeño, lemon and oil 

Crispy corn tortillas - homemade from our own masa,
served with gooseberry-avaocado salsa

3 corn tortillas filled with two month aged melted 
cow’s cheese, side of morita salsa