I grew up in a Mexican immigrant neighborhood In the southside of Chicago. I am a First Generation Mexican American and I have worked in kitchens all my life. It wasn’t until I left that Mexican Community in Chicago at 21, that I realized the difficulty of finding great tasting Mexican food around the world. I didn’t realize it then how special it was to be able to get fresh masa and to feel the culture and energy of Mexico. I realized that through the efforts of myself and my team, no matter where we were, we were in the position to represent a cuisine and culture that I love.

In 2010 in Copenhagen, I started to really miss the taste of Mexican food. I wanted to create a community, no matter how small, of a group of people who wanted to change people’s perception of what Mexican culture is and what Mexican food can be. Everyone should have the opportunity of tasting a taco made with a freshly-cooked corn tortilla, filled with slow-cooked meat, and topped with vibrant salsas. 

The Corn

At Hija, we only use Maiz Criollo. We obtain this corn from small producers in Mexico who use traditional agricultural techniques to grow organic and sustainable harvest. we believe in being socially responsible in the way we source and represent the ingredients that come from Mexico. Without them, we could not do what we do.


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