BIENVENIDOS to Hija De Sanchez
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Hija de Sanchez is a Taqueria (Taco stand), by Rosio Sanchez, who developed the concept for more than a year, researching different types of Corn,salsas and techniques. Flying to Mexico many times and visiting not only famous Taquerias, but also the kitchens of mothers and grandmothers. After many farm visits and Corn tastings from Europe and Mexico, she decided to bring our corn and the machinery from Mexico, which you can taste in the tortillas. Our concept is to work with products as similar to Mexico as possible, working directly with farmers in Mexico importing their Corn and having a research and development team, trying to find the best products possible in Europe and Mexico to create the signature Tacos of Hija De Sanchez, same as the producing our own cheese.

Rosio Sanchez

Chef & owner, Hija de Sanchez