About Hija de Sanchez

After living 5 years in Copenhagen, I realized that I missed and craved the cuisine that I grew up on in my Mexican household. Here in Denmark there´s just been so many times that I just wanted a well made taco. I realized that I was in the position to represent a cuisine in a part of the world where it has been so poorly shown, I was ready to realize the potential for great Mexican food and have fun doing it.

Making something that is “authentic” is unrealistic, because that’s a term or idea that is different for everyone. It changes according to a place, time, moment, etc. There are so many amazing products here that in a way, it’s more authentic to my situation, – a Mexican-American in Denmark –. To combine my sensibilities of what the perfect taco should taste of, but using the best ingredients I can find. There are certain things that I feel cannot be comprised on, the corn and technique, and the tortilla. The dried chiles and spices used in our fresh salsas…

In my opinion, the best corn for tortillas is from Mexico, so thats what we will be using. There are exceptional farms here in Denmark that I’ve worked with throughout the years, so I know the great quality of product that we can get here. I’ll be making the tortillas from scratch, nixtamalizing the corn, grinding it, the guest will be able to see the tortillas come straight out of the press and onto the plancha, and in their hand 60 seconds later. They’ll be able to take a stack home with filling if they like. 

It’s also important that a Taqueria be fun – interesting and full of energy – lively like the Taquerias in Mexico where people congregate – whether it’s students, mothers or businessmen. Simple menu, nothing complicated, my favorite types of tacos executes with very good products. There will be a few other things, those quintecential things that Mexicans miss when they’re abroad, like aguas frescas and paletas. This taqueria should have the feeling of coming home. Hija de Sanchez is authentic in its own sense, dreamed up from a first generation Mexican Amercian trying to make the best tacos possible while living abroad. Welcome to my home.

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Online order service
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